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Consistently voted the UK top retailer and favourite shop, Waitrose can trace its visionary business model all the way back to 1929. Today there are 243 branches dedicated to offering quality, value and customer service. In collaboration with our colleagues Ink Copywriters we were asked to define and develop a distinctive tone of voice and visual language to help ensure the increasing number of people coming in contact with the Waitrose brand have a clear and consistent experience.

Building on work done to create the brand tone of voice we set about defining and illustrating the associated visual language. We then created the appropriate vehicle to communicate these core brand ingredients. ‘Waitrose – Your guide to shaping our brand’ is the informative and illustrative set of brand guidelines designed for anyone who works with the Waitrose brand. As the sub-title says... a guide to ‘Who we are, how we write, how we look, and how to put it all together.’

“We wanted to create brand guidelines that would be helpful to teams throughout our business so that as Partners we are clear and consistent in the way we represent our brand. We are delighted with the result as an engaging and informative point of reference for everyone involved in communicating the Waitrose brand whether this is through our marketing, our in store experience or Partners themselves.” Gillian Connor, Marketing Manager, Waitrose.

Waitrose Brand Guidelines cover
Waitrose Brand Guidelines spread
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Waitrose Brand Guidelines spread